Digital Classrooms

  School premises under CCTV area

  Biometric Attendance

  Well Equipped Library

  Experienced Teaching Staff

  Training for sports like Taekwondo,Skating,Competition Exam

  Sports Ground

  Regular Medical Check ups

  Well equipped Computer Lab


School is the foundation of a child's future. And teachers are the architects of this foundation. They do not only impact knowledge but also play a pivotal role in molding a child. They will be guides, mentors and counselors of our students. Paramount will have well – trained and experienced teachers.


Large, spacious classrooms with fewer students become an ideal place for the kids to give a flight to imagination. They are encouraged to do so! The positive vibes that one can feel within the walls can make learning here as fun and enlightening, rather than a daunting task.


Our Multi-purpose Hall is a beautiful addition to bring out the best in the students. It solves the purpose of auditorium, gymnasium and health club as well as meeting point. With a classy look& feel, the school multi-purpose hall makes a perfect atmosphere where students can explore themselves like never before.

Indoor and Outdoor space to encourage all Games and Sports:

The School's spacious grounds are attractively landscaped with carefully selected trees, bushes and flowering plants, creating a welcoming environment and providing pleasant meeting places for pupils during breaks. The students involve themselves in various indoor as well as outdoor activities by keeping the in mind that “The healthy mind remains in a healthy body”.


In addition to containing books to meet the demand of the students and the faculty, the School library has a good stock of electronics knowledge material including CD/DVD ROMs, Audio Video cassettes, tapes, films, etc. The library is equipped with textbooks, reference books and storybooks.

Activity/Learning Center

Club activities help the students to learn and practice skills that will help them express themselves with their individuality. To nurture the talent of each Paramountian, the school has made extensive arrangements that enable the students to learn different arts, crafts, music and dance. The school provides a rich variety of activities namely as a club like Arts club, Music club, Dance club, and yoga classes for meaningful engagement depending on their needs and interests.

Extra Curricular Activities

In today's competitive world a child has to be expert in multifarious activities besides academics with an overall development in his/her personality and other aptitudes. For this, different facilities like

  • Cricket Ground
  • Skating Ring
  • Taekwando
  • Competition Exam

Are provided where expert will train the children in their desired fields Mental and Physical Fitness Centre like Yoga & Meditation by Yoga Gurus are also provided to the students in their day to day activities.

Health and Hygiene:

At Paramount health and hygiene of the students is given supreme importance. This is ensured by implementing the following measures: A non-compromising attitude towards Cleanliness

Staff training at all levels

Close supervision and monitoring of areas prone to be unhygienic

Educating and creating awareness among students


The school has in house doctor facility to look after the medical needs of the students. In addition to this, the school organizes health checkups in regular intervals to safeguard the health of all the students.

School Uniform

School uniform enhances equality among students. Moreover it is an identity of the school. Therefore wearing of uniform is compulsory for students.

Academic Year

The academic session begins from April and up to March.

School Timings

A typical day may begin by 8:30 a.m. and end by 2:30 p.m. This would include the time set in for sports and other extra curricular activities.

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