Pre-Primary Stage [Play group,Nursery,Jr Kg,Sr Kg]

  • 1.Explaining through discovery
  • 2.Acquire emotional independence l
  • 3.Learn the basis of reading , writing and calculating
  • 4.Develop Group and social skills

Primary Stage [Class 1 to IV ]

  • 1.Explaining through discovery
  • 2.Encouraging Holistic Learning
  • 3.Promote Learning by Project Method , Creative thinking , Library research
  • 4.Neighborhood learning and information technology
  • 5.Focus on Formal learning of languages, Mathematics and Environmental Science

Higher Primary [Class V-VIII ]

  • 1.Preparing to explore further
  • 2.Nurture to make the students technically proficient problem solvers and carrier minded
  • 3.Guidance to make effective adjustment at home and school
  • 4.Exposure to cultural arts , leadership training , yoga and meditation and Health Consciousness
  • 5.Motivational to be Original thinkers, self disciplined and environment conscious.

Teaching Methodology


At Paramount International School, we believe in providing every child with a unique and experiential learning experience. Hence, we’ve partnered with XSEED which offers a research based curriculum methodology for better teaching and easier learning. XSEED is based on a bank of well researched, structured and highly detailed learning plans on each concept for teachers. Each learning plan follows a proven 5-Step Experiential Learning method:

AIM: Students know what they will learn

ACTION: Students experience the concepts themselves through hands- on activities and experimentation to understand their use and application in real life.

ANALYSIS: Students reflect on the experience and explore the concept further through questions & answers.

APPLICATION:Students use workbooks to apply and practice what they’ve learnt and improve their writing skills.

ASSESSMENT:Students take periodic tests that measure and give feedback on development in 3 key areas: Conceptual Understanding, Applied Thinking, and English language & comprehension.

Hence, students in XSEED classrooms grasp concepts better, communicate fluently in English, improve writing skills and perform better in reasoning & application based tests. At home, XSEED children take more interest in studies and work independently on home assignments. Children who learn through XSEED method are confident and ready with the skills required for higher studies and 21st century careers.

Secondary Stage [ Class IX-X ]

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